About us

gamesGRABR is now one of the fastest growing social networks for gamers where users can connect with other gamers with similar interests and get peer-to-peer recommendations.


GRABR provides gamers with a perfect platform to watch gaming videos, discover, collect and buy games they’ll love – all in one place. Described by BBC Click as ‘like Pinterest for gamers, it’s a great place to go if you are looking for inspiration’.

But why stop at games? Why not build communities around other categories such as wine, films, music, food etc.

GRABR is the platform that can do this.

Build your very own community and get customer insights and big data to drive more sales.

If you are a multinational brand with many sub brands then use GRABR to bring all your brands together in one place and create one big social community just for you.

With proven metrics from the games industry our platform is now available for license and can help brands create engaged communities, get customer insights and turn these into actionable data.

Headquartered in London with developers and data scientists in Budapest and Bangkok we are an entrepreneurial team full of great engineers and wonderful creative people from around the world

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